Meet The IFEMUN2019 Team

OGBOLO Paul Paul Ogbolo is leadership and management consultant at elead consulting. He is naturally a charismatic leader who is goal driven and always maintains productive climate and confidently motivates,mobilizes and coaches colleagues to high performance standard. An excellent planner and an organizer who can generate high impact results along with high degree of detailed orientation. He has attended both local and international conferences and had received several awards in several aspects. Generally speaking, the field of communication is a naturally talented area for him, he excels at listening and communicates proficiently; he is a writer and a public speaker of keen repute. He is also a resourceful team player who at blinks builds healthy and trusting relationship with clients and colleagues. Finally, among many other things, he is an innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complains easily. He is former Public Relations Officer of the All Nigeria United Nations students' and Youth's Association, former General Secretary of Nigeria Association of Science Students Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter, former Secretary-general and Presidential aspirant for Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union.

He is a fresh graduate of Mathematics from Obafemi Awolowo University and has taken several courses online ranging from Management and leadership, Branding and brand strategy, Public Speaking and introductory classes in Spanish language from University of Shelfied, Open University United Kingdom, University of East Anglia and Rochester Institute of Technology (RITx). Paul is also former Head of Operations at Wisight Consulting, Brand Strategist and Financial Analyst at FOM Capital Nig. Ltd, former head of Marketing at Davton8020 Consulting, Brand Consultant to Fadaka Plus Ltd and more. Paul enjoys learning and reading and his favourite books are memoirs, the likes of Obama's, leadership and management books of John C. Maxwell, Steven R. Covey and marketing and sales from Brian Tracy and personal development books and he also enjoys learning from his mentors.

OLUWATOLA Victor Abisola is a final year student of the department of International Relations, Obafemi Awolowo University. As an ambitious, enthusiastic and talented individual, highly proficient in public speaking and with a keen eye for detail and flair for diplomacy and finance. He has worked and served under different capacities. He is an Associate member of the Association of Accounting Technicians of West Africa. As a global citizen, Victor is a member of Plugging Club Nigeria (NGO on environment), a facilitator at Lighthouse Institute (NGO onn education). With his 2 years experience of a Model United Nations conference, Victor had previously attended Model United Nations Conferences within and ooutside Nigeria. His uniique character of commitment to quality and inclusive education has driven him to attending conferences on Economic and Liberal ideas. Victor is the Director General for IFEMUN 2019

TAIWO Mary Bukola is a third year student of the department of International Relations, Obafemi Awolowo University. Bukola has served in various leadership positions. During her study in the department of Local Governments Studies, she was the Vice President of the students association.

She is currently a parliamentarian in the International Relations Student Representative Council. Her quest for diplomatic practice and international relations has kept her moving through her two years of MUN. She is a member of an environment friendly foundation "plogging club Nigeria ".

ADEBISI matthew Adebayo is a 4th year student in Obafemi Awolowo university ile-ife studying Law. Matthew is the Assistant Chief of staff for IFEMUN 2019. Matthew has served in several leadership capacities some of which are; Director of press in his chambers within the faculty, Director Press and the chairman planning committee of a program. Also, Matthew served as the General secretary of Drug Free Club OAU. He has also been certified as an Human Resource Manager. His great interest for diplomacy and international relations motivated him to join the Model United Nations which has made him develop an unwavering drive and commitment for Model United Nations. He is a member of the working team and he looks forward to IFEMUN 2019. Matthew is an aspiring lawyer, a public speaker and volunteers for social impact initiative within and outside faculty of law OAU.

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IG: adebayomattez

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AWOSIYAN Omoyemi Victoria is a final year student of the department of international relations Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife. She is a diplomat is making and a lover of women's well-being, she is a member of CARE: an organization that creates the awareness and fight against breast cancer


She served as a volunteer at the maiden edition of Ife model United Nations 2018. Currently she is serving as the USG of finance for Ife model United Nations 2019.

JINAD Habeeb Tope, is a final year student of International relations from Obafemi Awolowo University. He an aspiring diplomat and a sustainable Development Goals enthusiast.

Due to his flair for global politics, he studied Science Diplomacy under the National Center for technology management(NACETEM).

He was a volunteer and a participant at the maiden edition of Ife Model United Nations. He also volunteered at the second edition of the OAU campus cleanup held this year by Plogging Nigeria-Club OAU. He is delighted to serve in the capacity of AUSG of finance for IFEMUN'19

LOMUWAGUN Grace Oluwaseyi is a 400level student of the faculty of law, Obafemi Awolowo University.

She is the current Vice President of Magna Curia Chambers, OAU Grace discovered MUN in her third year in the university and as a student with interest in international Law she has since developed her career towards that path.

She is the Ass. USG of Sponsorship and member delegate affairs team for the IFEMUN conference 2019. A student member of the chartered institute of Arbitrators, Nigeria.

OMOLOLA Oyewole is a Legal Practitioner, having graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She is a fellow of The Bridge Program and has keen interest in leadership, capacity building and social entrepreneurship as they relate to global development.

She has about five (5) years' experience in civic engagement through active volunteering and has also demonstrated a great level of proficiency in her interests by holding various leadership roles while in school and out of school ranging from academic to non- academic activities. As the USG Special Events, she looks forward to an impactful and mind-blowing experience for all delegates and participants. Asides all these, Omolola is also an avid reader and she blogs in her spare time.

SALIHU Abdullahi Ahmed.

OAU Biochemistry 300lvl

AUSG Socials

Asst Gen Sec. Dept of Biochemistry OAU between 2017/2018 session.

OKUNADE Toluwanimi is a final year student of the Prestigious Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University with keen interests in International, Intellectual Property and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Laws and a passion for MUN. As an avid traveler, he has been to 23 states in Nigeria, garnering years of leadership experience from different organizations across the country spanning from his years of travel.

He currently is a member of the International Law Students Association OAU, Event Manager of the TEDx OAU Club and the Founder of Launch Nigeria. He is a firm believer in the power of the youth in galvanizing change for the collective action.

OLATAYO O. Amusan is a penultimate student of Obafemi Awolowo University, of the prestigious faculty of Law. She is currently the Director of finance of Magna Curia Chambers.

She was the head of the Delegate Affairs committee of the just concluded 9th Prince Bola Ajibola's Public Lecture and National Debate Competition in her school.

She is an international law enthusiast and this was what groomed her interest for MUN. She is the USG Conference Services and she looks forward to IFEMUN 2019. Also, she enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

AMOTUL-MUJEEB Adekunbi Ahmad, a 400 level law student of Obafemi Awolowo University.

She like traveling, exploring new adventures and opportunities and participating in negotiations and diplomatic dealings which drew her attention to IFEMUN in her third year


Being a platform to meet new people across the globe and discuss diplomatically Adekunbi looks forward to an amazing MUN conference.

ADENIYI Temitope Olufemi is the Assistant USG Delegate Affairs IFEMUN2019. Temitope is a 400level student of the Faculty of Law, OAU. She has served and is serving in leadership positions in academic and Non-governmental organizations which she belongs to.

An enthusiasts for knowledge, youth development, community service and nation building. She also possesses great communication and administrative skills with which working with other members of the Secretariat will contibute in making IFEMUN2019 a huge success.

IFEMUN2019 is no doubt the next big thing happening in Ile-Ife, Osun State and is greatly anticipated! #IFEMUN2019