The IFE MODEL United Nations, as committed to furthering the actualisation of the SDGs will in partnership with Plogging Nigeria promote one of the solid pillars of the global agenda for transforming our world by 2030 - the ENVIRONMENTAL pillar.

As would be practiced during the IFEMUN '19, specific ations would be tuned towards awareness about and fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals:

3 (Good Health and Wellbeing),
6 (Clean Water and Sanitation),
11(Sustainable Cities and Communities),
12(Responsible Consumption and Production),
13(Climate Action),
15(Life on Land)
17(Partnerships) .

We would reduce our environmental footprint during the conference as much as possible through the activities outlined below:

  1. We will not print any hard copy documents at the conference. The delegate sourvenirs and country placards will still be made available but we will not print any resolutions or IPF newsletters.
  2. Delegates and Observers are advised to bring electronic storage devices and memory sticks to the conference for easy access to the soft version of the resources.
  3. Plogging Nigeria - Club OAU will be making waste bags available in every of the committee session venues for proper and responsible disposal of any form of waste generated during the conference. Filled bags will be replaced ASAP and strategically located for easy access to everyone.
  4. Delegates, Observers and all other conference personnels will participate in a PLOGGING (Jogging + Picking Litters) event in collaboration with Plogging Nigeria - Club OAU in a determined route around the premises of the conference hosting.


You can join us in reducing your environmental footprint by:

  1. Not printing your background guide, research or position paper. You could just save them as PDFs or other acceptable formats on your phone, laptop, tablet or other gadgets where you can access them in digital forms.
  2. Reduce Consumption and Garbage Generation. If you are packing yourself food, use reusable containers and packaging; if you are buying around the conference venues or lodging areas, you can ask for it to be served for immediate consumption in reusable plates. Instead of buying water sachets and table water in PET bottles, you can simply get a refill water bottle.

You can reach Plogging Nigeria through:

FB TW IG: @ploggingnigeria
Phone: +2348162270540