What is IFEMUN?

IFEMUN is an annual conference hosted by the partnership of Obafemi Awolowo University, All Nigeria United Nations Student Association (ANUNSA) OAU chapter, Model United Nations Society, OAU and International Relations Student Association (IRSA).

What qualifies me to apply for the conference?

Anyone who has an interest in International relations, politics or wish to pursue a career with the UN or its sister agencies, provide practical solutions to global problems, enhance their leadership, analytical and research skills and ultimately hone their knowledge of diplomacy, by simulating the UNGA and some other specialized agencies of the UN

What qualifies me to attend the conference?

After successful review of your application and subsequent invitation, a payment must be made by the prospective delegates to assure them of their participation in the conference. An evidence of payment must be sent to ifemodelun@gmail.com

When/where will the conference take place?

At Obafemi Awolowo University main complex from 27th to 30th October

How can I register?

Registrations are done on our site "www.ifemun.org" or through our brand ambassadors

How much is the delegates fee and what is included in the fee?

Delegates who make payments between 9th of july and 27th of August will pay #13,000, delegates who make payments between 14th of August and 16th of October will pay #18000, while a delegation of 5 will pay #75000. Fee include conference materials, feeding (brunch and dinner), certificate, access to conference activities, t-shirt, diplomatic tour, dinners and award.

Can I come alone or with a group of friends?

You can come alone as a delegate or come in group of 5 to make a delegation

Will there be a provision for accommodation?

Yes, there is a provision for accommodation on request, this is not included in the conference fee.

How do I make payments for the conference?

You can pay on our website, directly in a bank, or make mobile transfer to any of our bank accounts. However, a receipt on your payment is required for processing and acceptance of your application.

Will I get an invitation or sponsorship letter after application?

Once your application is processed and received, an application letter will be sent to all prospective delegates and a sponsorship letter will be sent to all delegates who have been assigned a country and committee of representation upon request.

What is the Modus Operandi of the conference?

Unlike many Model UN conferences, IFEMUN tend to provide the most realistic simulation of the UN while not a real UN meeting, is still by all means a real experience in diplomacy. Prior to the actual conference, Delegates are assigned countries of assignment and take on the roles of diplomats by representing their assigned countries in different committees of the UN and the GA. Delegates engage themselves in high level research about their committees, countries and the topics of discourse in order to come out with their country's position. at the conference, delegates try to advance their county's interest by maintaining a strategic position, present their positions, working with other delegates who represent nations with different views, engaging in dialogues and compromises and providing meaningful resolutions that will be sent to the UN headquarters for review and implementation. There will be social events in the conference which includes but not limited to the famous Ekaabo night, movie night, diplomatic tour, and dinner

Can pre University students apply?

Yes , students of all levels and categories interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy and keen to personal development

Can I attend as an International Student?

Yes, IFEMUN conference is open to anybody within and outside Nigeria

Does IFEMUN provide refund?

Yes, refund will only be made 2 weeks after payment

When will my application be processed?

Applications will be processed latest 10 days after application is received

Is there a dress code for the conference?

Yes, all delegates, observers and officials are to dress in a formal corporate attire to the conference venues. Please note that dress codes will be enforced and any erring delegates will be sanctioned from the conference.

What do I need to prepare for the conference?

Online resource materials especially those recognized by your country of representation, delegates' background guide to be sent to the emails of all delegates and also historical materials relating to the topics of discourse

Can I engage in any post conference activities with IFEMUN?

Yes, you can, post conference activities will be announced after the end of the conference and will be made known to everyone at the closing plenary and on our website.

How can I become IFEMUN brand ambassador?

Persons interested in becoming faculty ambassadors, campus ambassadors and country's ambassadors should send a resume and CV to ifemodelun@gmail.com